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Liquid Rubber

Liquid Rubber is an elastomeric polymer modified bitumen type coating, containing no solvents. It can be applied using an airless spray system, roller, brush or as a dual component spray.It produces an excellent waterproofing membrane for any surface. It adheres equally as strongly to concrete, timber, steel and most substrates.

Liquid Rubber is incredibly flexible. It can stretch over eight (8) times its own size without tearing.


Liquid Rubber allows freedom of architecture with its ability to waterproof difficult shapes and corners and creates a fully adhered, seamless barrier.

Liquid Rubber offers many features and advantages:


  • Water based.

  • Odorless.

  • Non-toxic.

  • Free of volatile organic compounds. (VOC)

  • Free of flammable solvents.

  • Potable water approved so it is safe to use for drinking water containment.

  • Does not Leach into water.

  • Available in Black or Dark Grey.

Liquid Rubber has many uses including but not limited to:


  • Waterproofing

  • Rustproofing

  • Soundproofing, and

  • Protecting/repairing


Liquid Rubber applications:

  • Construction: Earth covered buildings (ECB), roofs, green roofs and green walls, gutters, retaining walls

  • Water: Reservoirs, water tanks, swimming pools, dams and weirs, irrigation systems

  • Environmental Protection: Mine tailing ponds, waste water storage, sewage treatment plants and pump stations

  • Landscaping: Water features, fountains, ponds, fish tanks, raised gardens and planter boxes

  • Marine: Boats, pontoons, jetties

  • Automotive: Caravans, trailers, vehicle undercarriage and many types of automotive roofing

  • Sound Proofing:

  • Rectification Work: Leaking roofs and gutters, planter boxes

AIS Main Products:

High Build

15L AIS Liquid Rubber High Build.
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on High Build
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Instant Set

200L AIS Liquid Rubber Instant Set.
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on Instant Set
Australian Made Logo.
All AIS Liquid Rubber is proudly Australian made and owned

Liquid Rubber High Build

High Build is a bitumen modified polymer specifically designed for a wide range of protective coating applications. High Build provides unparalleled adhesion while maintaining great flexibility allowing for a resilient waterproof membrane. High Build is an eco-friendly product which can be applied indoors and outdoors.

Solvent free - Non-flammable - Non-toxic - Odourless - Water based

High Build is applied using an airless spray system, roller or brush.

It produces an excellent waterproofing membrane. High Build is perfect for small to large jobs.

Liquid Rubber Instant Set

Instant Set is applied by a machine with a dual component spray applicator that when cured, provides a fully adhered seamless waterproofing membrane for all types of earth covered buildings, reservoirs, water tanks, concrete or roofing structures.

Ideal for use over large areas where spray application is possible.


This fabric is used in conjuration with the rubber to cover over gaps, cracks and penetrations.


It also strengthens the membrane created by Liquid Rubber and is used on hard wearing places. 


Liquid Rubber High Build and Instant Set are supported by a comprehensive AIS manufacturer and applicator warranties (conditions apply).

MSDS and Technical Data Sheets

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Purchase Waterproofing Products

AIS provides limited quantities of our commercial waterproofing products suitable for small projects. To purchase Liquid Rubber products please visit one of our distributors.Here

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