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Clean up

As useful as Liquid Rubber can be sometimes we don’t want it on everything and it can hurt if you try to peel it off and you have arm or leg hairs ouch! 

We want to try to provide you with some helpful info on clean up that you might not always think of and as well as all the things we do think of.


Now as much as this product is water based and harmless there are better things to wash it off with than water, here is a list below. We also must say this is just some friendly advice this is not exact methodology or facts

When it’s on your Skin

You can use small amounts of:

  • eucalyptus oil (just dab small amounts)

  • Baby oil

  • shampoo with eucalyptus oil for if it gets in your hair (yes we've done it)

  • water (obvious)

When it’s on objects

You can use depending on what it’s on (decide for yourself):

  • eucalyptus oil (just dab small amounts)

  • Baby oil

  • water (obvious)

  • mineral turpentine

  • petrol

  • diesel

  • gun wash

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