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Application Information

Liquid Rubber High Build can be applied by using either a spray system, roller or brush.


The Liquid Rubber Instant Set product can be applied by a specially designed spray system using a catalyst to cure faster achieving a better overall result.


Both products can cure by evaporation, an application temperature of 15-20°C is recommended.


Liquid Rubber products fully cure within 24 hours at 20°C (70°F) and 50% relative humidity, when applied at a thickness of 1 mm (40 mils).


It should be applied to a dry surface which is free of dirt, debris, oil or grease.


Application is not recommended if heavy rains are imminent, or in high humidity environments.


A fabric reinforcing layer may need to be applied where joints or cracks exist in the surface.


Liquid rubber is applied between 1.6 – 4.8 L/m2 for a dry film thickness of 1mm – 3mm.

Note: that if you are using this in a general purpose waterproofing form we strongly suggest you go thicker than 1.8L/m2  


This Product works best when the thickness is between 2-3mm


It dries to the touch in one minute at 20°C and is completely cured in 48 hrs. This curing time may vary depending on temperature and relative humidity.


Liquid Rubber should not be applied when the ambient temperature is below 10°C. The uncured

membrane may be damaged if frozen.


Some surface base coat materials such as coal tar are unsuitable for use with Liquid Rubber.


Storage below 5°C is not recomended and in some cases could damage the product.

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