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DIY home waterproofing and patching made easy


Not a handy person? Unsure about carrying out the repair to your leaking roof yourself, but sick of putting a pot out every time it rains? Using AIS Liquid Rubber you can easily patch that roof leak yourself, quickly and at a fraction of the cost of more.


Liquid Rubber in Brisbane


All Industry Services has the ultimate solution for your DIY home waterproofing project in Brisbane. With liquid rubber waterproofing products in Brisbane you can carry out a wide range of DIY waterproofing projects from patching roofs to sealing more.


Liquid Rubber Sydney

Liquid rubber is the perfect material for professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts, who regularly carry out home repairs in Sydney, New South Wales. Sydney’s location by the ocean means the city suffers from the urban heat island (UHI) effect, which more.


Liquid rubber Gold Coast

Struggling with that DIY waterproofing project in Gold Coast? All Industry Services has just the solution for you. Whatever the job, from patching cracks in your caravan to righting that wrong on your roof, Liquid Rubber is a highly versatile product more.


Liquid Rubber in Adelaide


Got a problem with a leaking roof or the ingress of water? All Industry Services has the solution for you with the perfect DIY home waterproofing solution now available in Adelaide. The All Industry Services liquid rubber waterproofing system will allow more.


Liquid Rubber Perth


For all of your waterproofing and protection needs, All Industry Services' liquid rubber is the solution for you. This multi-purpose and durable rubber sealant is perfect for all DIY home waterproofing projects in Perth and will offer the perfect more.


Liquid Rubber Melbourne


Whether it’s a house maintenance or renovation, TV shows like The Block seem to have inspired a generation of Melbourne homeowners to put on their DIY gloves and have a crack. From fixing leaking tanks to waterproofing a bathroom, Liquid Rubber is a more.

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