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Liquid Rubber in Brisbane

All Industry Services has the ultimate solution for your DIY home waterproofing project in Brisbane. With liquid rubber waterproofing products in Brisbane you can carry out a wide range of DIY waterproofing projects from patching roofs to sealing water tanks. Here we explore how and why liquid rubber in Brisbane could be the answer for you.


How does it work?

Liquid rubber can be used as a multipurpose waterproofing system. It is a rubber sealant that is available to buy in Brisbane for DIY home waterproofing projects. The product works in one of two ways. The first is the liquid rubber high build product is applied by brush or roller and then allowed to dry in the sun. Once set it will be secure and firm to prevent water from getting through. The second system is the liquid rubber instant set, which uses a catalyst to ensure the rubber sets immediately and becomes effective against water ingress straight away.

The rubber sealant creates an impermeable barrier against water wherever you apply it and this means that you can easily protect a roof or even the inside of a pond from leakage. Once set the rubber will be able to stretch to 8 times its own size before breaking, which means that it will create a long lasting seal on the roof or in a water tank. This rubber sealant is superior to others because it is flexible and therefore becomes more durable.

What uses are there for rubber sealant in Brisbane?

Primarily the All Industry Services liquid rubber sealant is sold in Brisbane for DIY home waterproofing jobs such as patching roofs, resealing ponds, waterproofing caravans and sealing water tanks. There are, however, many other uses for rubber sealant in Brisbane. The liquid rubber sealant can be used for rustproofing as it will protect metal from contact with water, wind and rain. It can also be used in soundproofing jobs as it is highly acoustically absorbing. Liquid rubber in Brisbane can be used in a wide range of protection and repair jobs, making it a hugely versatile product for your DIY home waterproofing jobs.

Liquid rubber coating use

All Industry Services' liquid rubber coating is very easy to apply and use. It can be applied by brush, roller or with an airless spray nozzle. This makes it very flexible and convenient to use whether you are on the roof or standing on a ladder. The versatile solution will allow you to reach into cracks to seal leaks without having to replace large areas of your roof and this will ensure that you can get your DIY home waterproofing job done right first time.

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