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Liquid Rubber in Adelaide

Got a problem with a leaking roof or the ingress of water? All Industry Services has the solution for you with the perfect DIY home waterproofing solution now available in Adelaide. The All Industry Services liquid rubber waterproofing system will allow you to carry out a wide range of waterproofing jobs from stopping leaks in a flat roof to sealing a damaged water tank. Liquid rubber in Adelaide could be the solution to your water control needs. Read on to find out more.


How does liquid rubber in Adelaide work?

Liquid rubber is a multipurpose system for creating a waterproof membrane over whatever surface it is applied to. Liquid rubber allows you to create a rubber sealant that will keep water out of cracks and away from permeable surfaces, which will stop the ingress of water completely. Liquid rubber is available in Adelaide for DIY home waterproofing and is an excellent treatment that you can use to protect your property.

Liquid rubber is available in two forms. The first form, liquid rubber high build, can be applied by roller, brush or with an air-free spray. This coat is then left to dry and creates a non-permeable layer once it has set. The second form, liquid rubber instant set, uses an additional catalyst treatment to ensure that the rubber sets immediately and becomes non-permeable straight away. Where water presence is very likely to occur within hours of application, the second form of instant set liquid rubber is recommended.

Whether you apply it to the roof of your home or to the inside of a pond, the rubber sealant will create an impermeable barrier against water. Once set, the rubber has the capability to stretch up to 8 times its own size before it will break, meaning that movement between panels and flex with weather conditions will not affect the waterproofing of the material.

Using liquid rubber coating in Adelaide

The All Industry Services' liquid rubber coating is most commonly sold for DIY home waterproofing jobs, but it can be used commercially and for a range of other purposes too. When applied to metal it will serve to rustproof the material by protecting it from water contact and from contact with the air too. Liquid rubber can be used for a huge range of protection and repair jobs, which makes it an excellently versatile waterproofing product for any DIY home job in Adelaide.

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