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Liquid Rubber Sydney

Liquid rubber is the perfect material for professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts, who regularly carry out home repairs in Sydney, New South Wales. Sydney’s location by the ocean means the city suffers from the urban heat island (UHI) effect, which keeps temperatures in the city up to 2°C higher than the surrounding areas. This often causes problems for standard waterproofing products which can struggle to cope with the extreme temperatures found during the hot and humid summer months.

By using liquid rubber in place of standard epoxy or polyester resin waterproofing products, homeowners and tradespeople can ensure a longer lasting coating which helps to provide greater resistance to temperature extremes, higher levels of water resistance, better surface tolerance and increased UV resistance.

Five reasons to use liquid rubber for your next DIY home waterproofing project:

Increased water resistance – Liquid rubber provides better water resistance than standard epoxy, acrylic and polyester resins. It is also strong enough to withstand ponding (continuous water immersion) making it ideal for waterproofing flat roofs.

Better UV resistance – Liquid rubber waterproofing products provide higher levels of UV resistance enabling it to remain flexible and age better than other elastomers.

Greater resistance to temperature extremes – Liquid rubber is able to withstand temperatures from -50°C to 150°C, outperforming other waterproofing products including polymers.

Better surface tolerance – Liquid rubber coating can be applied to all surfaces including corroded metal without the need for primer.

Improved chemical resistance – Liquid rubber has strong resistance to alcohols, alkalis, concentrated salt solutions, most acids and solvents such as ketones. This makes them ideal for use in heavily populated cities with high levels of air pollution.

DIY uses for liquid rubber

Liquid rubber can be used on a number of DIY projects around the home and other applications including RV and caravan repairs. It has a self-smoothing, seamless finish which is easy to apply and looks great when dry. So if you need a waterproofing product that does the job right the first time, you should look to use liquid rubber for your next project.

Liquid rubber can be used for the following repairs:

Roofing – Liquid rubber coating can be applied to help seal roofs of all types including fibreglass, foam, cement tile and wood. It is especially useful for sealing flat roofs due to its high level of water resistance.

Metalwork – Liquid rubber can be applied as a single layer of protection to help protect metalwork and metal buildings from corrosion.

Landscaping – Liquid rubber has performance enhancing characteristics which are useful for a number of landscaping applications including sealing ponds and ornamental fountains.

Caravans and RVs – Liquid rubber can also be used to carry out quick caravan, motorhome, and RV repairs. Easy to apply and with a self-smoothing coating, repairs will not only provide high levels of performance they will also look professional.

So if you’re looking for a multipurpose, long lasting, easy to apply protective coating that works on all types of surfaces and provides superior protection in high humidity areas such as Sydney. Then liquid rubber coatings are what you need. You can buy liquid rubber protection from our online store.

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