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Liquid Rubber Perth

For all of your waterproofing and protection needs, All Industry Services' liquid rubber is the solution for you. This multi-purpose and durable rubber sealant is perfect for all DIY home waterproofing projects in Perth and will offer the perfect seal wherever water is trying to get through. From flat roofs to water tanks and ponds, liquid rubber could be the solution for you.

How does liquid rubber in Perth work?

All Industry Services' liquid rubber works by creating a non-permeable coating between the surfaces that are allowing water to pass through. Whether this is on a roof or on the bottom of a water tank, the rubber sealant will solidify to prevent water ingress and will offer a durable solution that will be long-lasting. The product comes in two different forms. The first form is painted, rolled or sprayed onto the surface and then allowed to dry. Once set this will prevent any water ingress. The second form comes with a catalyst that will speed the drying process and offer you an instant seal, which is perfect where water presence in the tank or on the roof is imminent.

Once applied and set the liquid rubber in Perth will create a barrier that is both flexible and durable. The rubber sealant can stretch to eight times its size before it will break, meaning that movement in the roof or the sealed system will not cause it to start leaking again. Rubber sealant is far more durable than other sealants because of this flexibility.

Other uses for rubber sealant in Perth

While the liquid rubber is primarily sold for the purposes of DIY home waterproofing in Perth, there are numerous other uses for this versatile product. The liquid rubber can be used to protect metal from rusting too as it will create a barrier from water and weather, extending the lifespan of metal products. Liquid rubber in Perth can be used for a huge range of protection and waterproofing tasks, making it an excellently versatile product to have.

Using the liquid rubber coating in Perth

Use of All Industry Services' liquid rubber is very simple and easy. You will be amazed at the results that you can achieve in just a short time too. With liquid rubber, you can reach into cracks to stop leaks from occurring without having to replace large areas of your roof. Get your DIY home waterproofing project right the first time with liquid rubber in Perth.

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