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Liquid Rubber Melbourne

Whether it’s a house maintenance or renovation, TV shows like The Block seem to have inspired a generation of Melbourne homeowners to put on their DIY gloves and have a crack. From fixing leaking tanks to waterproofing a bathroom, Liquid Rubber is a product that should be in every DIY weekend warrior’s toolkit. Here are five ways Liquid Rubber can help you with your DIY home waterproofing.

Planter boxes

Got some planter boxes to spruce up the garden patio? By applying a thick coat of Liquid Rubber waterproof sealant to the problem areas such as cracks and joints, etc, combined with some Geofabrick, you will ensure these planter boxes function properly and stand the test of time. Be sure to read our steps and tips before Liquid Rubber coating your planter boxes.

Gutter repair

Most homeowners know all too well the dreaded leaking gutter. And messy caulking gel used to be the only solution unless you replaced the whole gutter. Not anymore. Liquid Rubber offers a quick, efficient and foolproof solution for any DIY home waterproofing weekend warrior working their gutters. All you need is your Liquid Rubber, some Geofabrick and a brush and you’re good to go. Well, there’s actually a bit more to it than that, so perhaps read our tips and tricks for tackling those gutters.

Leaking tanks

One of the most common uses for Liquid Rubber coating is the leaking concrete water tanks. And luckily our product is water-based and environmentally friendly, thus safe to be used with drinking water. Again, all you need are the standard waterproofing products, then clean, coat and re-coat is the name of the game. But for more in-depth instructions on how to repair a leaking tank with rubber sealant, read our step by step guide.

Sealing ponds

Got a pond? Then before you throw some goldfish in you might want to seal it off. And yep, you guessed it, Liquid Rubber will do the trick. Just make sure the area is clean and dry before you lather on a thick coat of Liquid Rubber coating. It’s very important to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles. A good rule of thumb is the better and smoother it looks, the better it will seal. For best results, layer the whole pond with Liquid Rubber and Geofabric and paint it all in.

Waterproofing Caravans

Perhaps you’re sick of the home renos and maintenance and want to hit the road and head up to the Gold Coast and beyond in a caravan. But did you know caravan roofs are notorious for leaking? Whether it’s a vent, skylight or tear, caravan maintenance never seems to end. That’s why every seasoned road warrior knows to keep a tub of Liquid Rubber on hand - the last thing you want when you’re cruising through the tropics is to be hit by a monsoon when you've got a leaky roof.

To buy Liquid Rubber in Melbourne, browse our online shop. Whether for waterproofing, rustproofing, soundproofing or repairing - we can help you with your DIY needs.

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