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Liquid rubber Gold Coast

Struggling with that DIY waterproofing project in Gold Coast? All Industry Services has just the solution for you. Whatever the job, from patching cracks in your caravan to righting that wrong on your roof, Liquid Rubber is a highly versatile product - once you've used it, you'll wonder how you've managed to live without it all this time!

What can Liquid Rubber be used for?

A more accurate question would be: what can't Liquid Rubber be used for? Extremely flexible, the product, which is available in both High Build and Instant Set versions, can expand up to eight times its original size without tearing. It can be applied via a variety of means and, once in place, acts as a waterproof, impermeable membrane on almost any surface.

Check the list below to see a full list of Liquid Rubber applications:


Liquid Rubber can be used on almost any construction project to help cover up any potential weak points. Whether you're working on the roof, inside the building or it's a landscaping project, Liquid Rubber's waterproofing properties can come in handy.



As you might expect from a waterproofing product, Liquid Rubber comes into its own when near liquid. Use to protect the areas around swimming pools, water tanks and irrigation systems from water damage.


Whether offshore or onland, Liquid Rubber is ideal for a number of applications, including on boats, caravans and trailers.


A fully soundproof material, use Liquid Rubber to keep noise pollution at bay, whether in a commercial or residential environment.

And more!

Contact us

At All Industry Services (AIS) on the Gold Coast, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with waterproofing issues, both in homes and businesses. Our DIY waterproofing system, Liquid Rubber, has an incredible number of applications. To find out more, visit our dedicated Liquid Rubber product page or call us on 07 5533 2815 to buy waterproofing.

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